Essential for any parent living in the real world

Thank you so much for the zoom session this evening (04/02/21).

I attended a session at my son’s school a few years ago and have been sharing your advice and links ever since. Your analogies to ‘old school’ stranger danger and how we should equip our chidlren with the skills and tools to safely conduct themselves online are incredibly illuminating and so very helpful.

It was great that although many of the messages of tonight’s session crucially echoed your previous session, it was very much updated to explain the changes in games and social media and the new challenges, dangers, and indeed benefits, of online interactions during lockdowns.

As a parent – I have always tried to follow your maxim that my children should feel comfortable and able to talk to me about anything they see, hear or do online. After tonight’s session, I will give myself a good coat of looking at to see if there are some cliff top tendencies that need re-thinking…

I love the style of your delivery – it is incredibly engaging and motivating.

Thank you!