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New concern! 25/4/23

Hi Everyone
We are putting out this post to highlight increasing concerns that we have about the website ‘OMEGLE’.
We were talking about this site 10 years ago when it had become a big concern but it then seemed to become less of an issue. At that time the concerns we had were that Secondary children were using the site.
Working in a Primary school today we were shocked when numerous children in Year 5 and 6 (10-11 yr olds) were talking about Omegle. Many of them explained how if you visited the site you would see lots of naked people doing rude things.
In our experience, any visit to Omegle will lead you to see any number of Adult men often masturbating. It is a cam chat site that has the strap line ‘Talk to Strangers’, in the context of children accessing this site this is clearly a massive issue. The site asks you to confirm that you are 18 before it allows you access but it has no age verification mechanism in place.
We asked the children how/why they came to visit Omegle. They stated that many YouTubers were users of Omegle and had encouraged them to visit the site. Of particular concern many of the children were fans of the huge YouTuber ‘SSSniperWolf. We are also aware that many young people go live on TikTok and while doing so they live stream themselves while navigating through Omegle. They comment on the shocking content.
Some pop stars will use Omegle on occasions as a way of surprising random strangers, this could inadvertently lead to children accessing the site.
We know from previous operational experience that Paedophiles will use Omegle and will be looking to interact with children. On the site the idea is that you go live on your camera and then see a random stranger on the screen alongside you. These people will masturbate and then video capture the screen which includes the child on camera at home on the  same page as them.
We have seen the level of awareness of Omegle in Primary Schools increasing for a number of months and are concerned that parents have no concept of it. Although Omegle has an app it seems to be far more likely that children will use a web browser, they give the reason for this as being to avoid their parents knowing what they are doing.
Sometimes adults do use the site for legitimate reasons but it’s a world designed for adults and is wholly unsuitable for children.
The site has always been hosted outside the UK and unless the exact time of any activity is recorded then there is little chance that the persons using the site will ever be identified. The stated purpose of the site is to interact anonymously with strangers.
Previous attempts to have this site taken down by law enforcement have failed.
We hope that by raising this issue people are better placed to evaluate if it requires any consideration from them at home.
This message is put out as an advisory note, we do not claim to be experts on Omegle and aren’t active users of the site.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

The 2 Johns

When you think about Stranger Danger are you thinking of a white van outside a school or a man with a dog that has just had puppies?

Far too many parents are preparing their children for life as it was in 1990 and not life as it is today.

Most children over the age of 8 would be able to design an ‘E Safety’ poster that would cover all of the points required by their Parent’s but would this knowledge keep our children safe online?

Many parents and professionals honestly believe that they are fully up to date regards Internet Safety and with this assured mindset they then seek to keep children safe. In our experience this mindset leads to a false sense of security and often results in young people being unable to speak to parents and professionals when things go wrong.

If a child today were walking to school and a man in a white van pulled up and offered them sweet’s, then every one of them would immediately recognise this as a risk. Identifying the risk every child in the country would then have no fear whatsoever telling their parent or school about the incident. It is inconceivable that a child would be punished for this disclosure.

Fast forward to today. The modern risk is highly likely to play out online. The problem we are up against is that so many children will not spot a risky situation and worse still, even when they know something is wrong, they will not tell their parents as the more likely response will be the loss of whatever medium they were using and a potential ‘telling off’

Every aspect of Child Exploitation has significant elements online whether that be sexual exploitation, gang membership, drug dealing, internet influencers, sexualisation of children or even abuse from within families.

The ‘2 John’s’ seek to change everyone’s approach to Online Child Exploitation and better enable them to deal with the very real modern-day risks.

John and John spent many years working as Police Detectives in various covert roles tackling Online and Offline Child Exploitation The ‘2 Johns’ are regarded as experts in their field and every year they work in hundreds of Primary and Secondary Schools interacting with Children, Teachers and Parents.

Over the past decade John and John (The 2 Johns) have been key speakers at numerous major events throughout the country. In Essex they are regularly commissioned by the Safeguarding Children’s Board, the various Community Safety Partnerships and Essex Youth Service to deliver both staff training and bespoke sessions for large numbers of children, this includes their successful “Walk Online Roadshow’ which is delivered to many thousands of children every year.

John and John are regularly asked to appear on various BBC radio Shows to talk about Online Safety and have appeared as experts on the BBC Breakfast show and the Victoria Derbyshire show.

If you would like the 2 Johns to work with your organisation, then please send us a message via our Contact Us page on this website or by email at . If you look at the Training Events tab on this website, then you will see details of the main events we run within schools.

We also run many other bespoke events including conference speaking, professionals’ courses and lunch and learn sessions.

If you require references regards our work, then we are very happy to pass on details of the many organisations that we work with.

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