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Great session

What a great session. It opened my eyes to a lot more than I had understood and how my child is exposed even with the kids games online

Stewart V

Eye opening and very informative!


Thanks for all the useful information you shared with us this evening. We have found it very helpful indeed and will definitely tune in to the next broadcast in a months time.
Love the educate and nurture approach, rather than the jurassic approach! This is exactly how we want to be but there was so much we didn’t know or realise. Very eye-opening.
Keep up the good work!!

Dan E


Just wanted to say thanks for a fascinating presentation this evening and a really impressive day at Stanway Fiveways, lots of great feedback from teachers and kids.

I wear two hats as the Chair of Governors and a parent with kids at the school. My two were full of things they’d taken on board from your sessions with them today and my wife and I were horrified and intrigued in equal measures with our presentation from you this evening.

I hadn’t heard of Omegle and am grateful for the warning.

I’ve changed my view about TikTok now and might actually allow our son to download it but with the settings you recommended.

Really insightful day and evening guys, thank you very much.

Rich B

Immensely Useful

Thank you guys. This was immensely useful session to me.

I didn’t realise some of the risks that some of the games and social media apps mentioned posed. Thanks for explaining this in a very accessible way.


Ikenna N

Thought-provoking webinar

We have just attended your E-safety Webinar for Parents and Carers provided by Safer Basildon. We have never attended a talk on this subject matter before, and thought the content, format and presentation was excellent. We appreciated your accessible approach to subject matter which is both terrifying and daunting to parents, like us, who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Providing screenshots and clear examples of how to change the settings in apps and on websites was incredibly helpful. The “Clifftop Parent” description was something that struck a chord with us and has motivated us to ensure that we continue to communicate, build trust and provide context for our children. You were absolutely right to point out that the world of online dangers is not just paedophiles, but gangs and drugs too – please keep reminding people that it is not just men in white vans offering sweets! Also always mention the geolocation details on photos, it’s worrying how easy it is to pinpoint exactly where you are and we had no idea. Advertising your car online was a brilliant demonstration. We also thought the example of using a football match to explain context was memorable too.

Our takeaway from your thought-provoking webinar is that technology is ingrained in our children’s lives, whether we like it or not. In order to be the best parents we can, we need to work together with them rather than denying them access. The Snapchat example with your daughter really helped to get these points across. We would rather be educated than burying our heads in the sand, and your talk has really helped us work towards that goal.

Please keep up the excellent work in an ever-evolving world, we really appreciate it. We will definitely be sharing your website with our friends and family.

Hannah and Pierre

Absolutely fantastic- from a computing teacher of 15 years!

I joined this webinar as a parent, following your session at my sons school and their promotion of this event. As a computing teacher of 15 years   ( secondary and currently juniors) I have previously attended your face-to-face events, numerous CEOP training courses and have on line safety training sessions with other providers annually, but I have to say this on line one was amazing !
It really dealt with the current issues and offered practical advice for parents. You covered so much content in the 90 minutes – it was non stop ! I have made 6 pages of notes that I can pass onto colleagues, parents and most importantly our children. A huge thank you from me.

Hayley S

Zoom ESafety talk

Thank you for a very informative presentation.
It’s really refreshing to see how up to date you are and how your presentations change. I’ve learnt lots, especially as mine are online lots more.
Thanks again.


Enlightening both for a teacher and a parent

Really eye-opening stuff and essential knowledge for any parent or teacher involved with primary age children negotiating the tricky environment online where predators and the children themselves always seem to be one step ahead. Thank you for this.

Paul R
Parent, Professional

Essential for any parent living in the real world

Thank you so much for the zoom session this evening (04/02/21).

I attended a session at my son’s school a few years ago and have been sharing your advice and links ever since. Your analogies to ‘old school’ stranger danger and how we should equip our chidlren with the skills and tools to safely conduct themselves online are incredibly illuminating and so very helpful.

It was great that although many of the messages of tonight’s session crucially echoed your previous session, it was very much updated to explain the changes in games and social media and the new challenges, dangers, and indeed benefits, of online interactions during lockdowns.

As a parent – I have always tried to follow your maxim that my children should feel comfortable and able to talk to me about anything they see, hear or do online. After tonight’s session, I will give myself a good coat of looking at to see if there are some cliff top tendencies that need re-thinking…

I love the style of your delivery – it is incredibly engaging and motivating.

Thank you!

Appreciative Parent

An outstanding and highly informative e-safety session.

An outstanding and highly informative e-safety session, delivered in an engaging and very interesting style. You maintained my full attention throughout – it was great. Thank you so much for sharing your extensive knowledge and experiences with us this evening.

Sarah Y

Thank you

I was on an online session of yours recently. We are fortunate that our children’s school does amazing esafety training too. Earlier this week my daughter became suspicious of an adopt me game within Roblox as they asked for her password. Fortunately she told me and we looked at it together. We ended up reporting the game querying it’s authenticity. It has now been removed. Thank you for helping us not be ‘cliff top parents’. Thank you for the updates too. Take care.


Thank you

Thank you for such an informative presentation! I definitely learnt so much as a professional and a mother. I will say that some of the children in my class (year 5) were a bit scared of what they learnt but I think maybe they should be a little bit! I recently did an ICT lesson with them about influencers and motive and worryingly they all thought YouTubers and influencers just showed them things because they wanted to share and were kind people. They didn’t want think about what the influencers were getting out of it. I hope they will come to me with questions that I feel I can now confidently answer. Although you did make me feel very old!!!
Anyway thank you so much again.


Amazing presentation

Great presentation. My daughter loved it as well and recommended it to me.


Very informative and we’ll presented

Many thanks to The 2 John’s, for the very informative and we’ll presented webinar. As a result of watching the presentation I have started to to take more interest in my daughter’s online gaming and social media apps like tik tok. Keep up the great work gents.



Spent my evening trying to learn how to keep my kids safe online with the 2 Johns 🤯 it was very informative and has made me adjust my thinking on how I approach the subject. Now have some tools and research resources to go through but feeling more positive and that I have a place where I can ask questions 🙂 thank you John’s

Claire T

Parent Internet Safety Session

Thank you the 2 Johns!

What a great idea – a really informative session on such an important subject.

Incorporating pupil feedback from the school visit earlier in the day worked well and brought it home.

A must for every parent/carer.

W & S

Thank you from a Year 5 Mum

I just wanted to thank you for the E safety talk tonight. I’ve been concerned for a while about the internet and gaming sites as it’s so scary the things that are on there. I agree with you about not shaming the child and having a nurturing response if they see something inappropriate and keeping an open dialogue with the child about the dangers. Thanks again it’s really helped us to understand the dangers and what to look out for.


Engaging, informative & thought provoking

An excellently engaging blend of information, real life examples and practical solutions to help parents navigate the tricky world of online independence for their children. A dynamic presentation style that kept us hooked for the full 90mins and has given us lots of food for thought. Thank you so much!


What a Great Day

Thank you very much for the excellent pupil, staff and parent workshops. I have received many positive comments from both adults and pupils . The pupil greatly enjoyed competing to be the first class to submit their answers. The content was up to date, relevant and delivered in an engaging way. I would not hesitate to recommend these sessions.

The email communication I had with you leading up to the event was excellent and you answered my (many!) questions quickly.

We shall definitely be booking again for next academic year.

GT - Computing Subject Leader, Wentworth Primary School

Another informative presentation

Thank you for your excellent webinar this evening. This is the second time I have attended one of your presentations (the first being in school a couple of years ago). I thought the presentation worked just as well via zoom as it did in person. Having had an older girl who has zero interest in gaming but greater interest in social media to now having the opposite with my son, the content was extremely useful to me. I will definitely be returning to your website for advice in the future. Many thanks.


Fantastic informative workshop

Thank you so much, I found this workshop so informative as I am a parent to 2 teenage boys as well as an LSA in year 6.

Thanks again

Parent, Professional

A Very Swift and Helpful Hour and a Half

The online session was informative, interesting and in the end re-assuring. We recommend that every parent attend.


Thank you for the Great Advice

Good morning to the two John’s
I attended your course a few years ago at Our Lady of Ransom school Rayleigh and just wanted to say thank you very much . That night made a big impact and has definitely changed the way I parent .
My daughter is 15yrs now and has experienced inappropriate online messages and requests . Thanks to your advice she has been comfortable to share these with us and handled this extremely well . Her friends have been amazed that she has not gotten into trouble and we have been so supportive and that is largely down to your excellent advice . I just wanted to say how grateful I am and I am seeing the results in action and know how important it is to be able to guide her .
Many thanks


Thank you

Thank you for the session you did tonight. I have see you live a few times and also caught a number of the live events on FB. As a parent of a 16 year old and 11 year old I can certainly say that the elder one who attended a couple of your sessions is much wiser and easier to talk about internet safety than my youngest who has seen only one. Just wished it had been more and that you could visit the Secondary school as I certainly believe that current years 7 & 8 have not got the knowledge from previous years workshops.