Thought-provoking webinar

We have just attended your E-safety Webinar for Parents and Carers provided by Safer Basildon. We have never attended a talk on this subject matter before, and thought the content, format and presentation was excellent. We appreciated your accessible approach to subject matter which is both terrifying and daunting to parents, like us, who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Providing screenshots and clear examples of how to change the settings in apps and on websites was incredibly helpful. The “Clifftop Parent” description was something that struck a chord with us and has motivated us to ensure that we continue to communicate, build trust and provide context for our children. You were absolutely right to point out that the world of online dangers is not just paedophiles, but gangs and drugs too – please keep reminding people that it is not just men in white vans offering sweets! Also always mention the geolocation details on photos, it’s worrying how easy it is to pinpoint exactly where you are and we had no idea. Advertising your car online was a brilliant demonstration. We also thought the example of using a football match to explain context was memorable too.

Our takeaway from your thought-provoking webinar is that technology is ingrained in our children’s lives, whether we like it or not. In order to be the best parents we can, we need to work together with them rather than denying them access. The Snapchat example with your daughter really helped to get these points across. We would rather be educated than burying our heads in the sand, and your talk has really helped us work towards that goal.

Please keep up the excellent work in an ever-evolving world, we really appreciate it. We will definitely be sharing your website with our friends and family.