Very insightful and useful

As a team, we found the training really insightful and it allowed us to gain a better understanding of the risks on social media. We are now more aware of the 'trends' and the importance of keeping safe online.

Shocked at the stats

It was really interesting and equally quite worrying to listen to the information shared in tonight's webinar on e-safety. Thank you 2 Johns for being so candid about the risks that face our young people, for giving the shocking stats that affect our KS2 children in particular and to opening my eyes to just how much of a divide there is between how the children in my class live their lives online and how little I know about it. A really interesting evening. Thank you.


Thank you both so much. This is the second time I have seen you do your training. I missed the staff training tonight as Zoom wouldn't let me on, but I have just watched the parent one this evening. It has been really useful and made me aware of things to be conscious of both for my children who I teach and to help and support my own child. I will definitely be using your website (and I have followed you on twitter and Facebook!). Thank you so much for doing what you do.

Great Great presentation

I have been in many on line sessions and face to face meeting. This session has been by far the best in term of informative and specialise about on line safety. As a parent and teacher, I have learnt many important and necessary skills which I am sure, it will help me to understand and help students and my children at home and school.
Thank you to both Johns for that.

E-Safety Training

I am currently on my 6th academic year working in education and have attended a lot of online safeguarding training, however 'The 2 Johns' training is the best I've ever attended. Their knowledge and experience is evident in the data and information they provide, which was was incredibly current. The sprinkle of banter also helps a lot, couldn't recommend enough.
Thank you!

Just fabulous

Taking part in the Webinar this morning was really eye-opening! Thank you for all the information, tips. The delivery was very refreshing with lots of banter between these two ex-undercover policemen.

Thank you both so much

Thank you both so much for todays (9/12/21) training. I'm a respite foster carer for Children with Disabilities Team in Harlow Essex. I have also recently began working as a Healthy Family Support Practitioner supporting children (& their families) aged 5-19 so this training has been fab with regard to the age groups and what is actually going on in the world of social media and gaming. So a great big thank you to you both!! The content will support me in both roles and hopefully support the children and families I'am supporting.

Fantastic informative workshop

Thank you so much, I found this workshop so informative as I am a parent to 2 teenage boys as well as an LSA in year 6.

Thanks again

What a Great Day

Thank you very much for the excellent pupil, staff and parent workshops. I have received many positive comments from both adults and pupils . The pupil greatly enjoyed competing to be the first class to submit their answers. The content was up to date, relevant and delivered in an engaging way. I would not hesitate to recommend these sessions.

The email communication I had with you leading up to the event was excellent and you answered my (many!) questions quickly.

We shall definitely be booking again for next academic year.

Thank you

Thank you for such an informative presentation! I definitely learnt so much as a professional and a mother. I will say that some of the children in my class (year 5) were a bit scared of what they learnt but I think maybe they should be a little bit! I recently did an ICT lesson with them about influencers and motive and worryingly they all thought YouTubers and influencers just showed them things because they wanted to share and were kind people. They didn’t want think about what the influencers were getting out of it. I hope they will come to me with questions that I feel I can now confidently answer. Although you did make me feel very old!!!
Anyway thank you so much again.