Thank you both

Thank you both for your time tonight. Although some apps not relevant at present as children not using them a insight into how to keep them safe. Very interesting detail given regarding the 'advertiser' and now feel informed on how this works and how to prevent this from happening.

Really useful webinar, thank you again.

great stuff

brilliant stuff. loads to think , very interesting topic. definetely it open your eyes

Tonight Online session

Thank you so much for this valuable and insightful session tonight. I found it very useful.

Thank you

Just wanted to say thank you so much, I learnt so much tonight. Your presentations are great, they are both funny and informative. Thank you. I’ll be speaking to my girls about some of the issues you raised, you made me realise how important it is to talk to them and make sure they know that they won’t be in trouble for telling me about any issues.

Thank you for an informative,

Thank you for an informative, sensible and practical approach to online safety. You are providing a valuable service for parents as our children navigate a world that is very different to the one we grew up in.

Thank You

I have just listened to your webinar and have to say how interesting and really informative it was. I learnt a lot. I naively thought I knew a lot about I being a nurse and working with young people but you really opened my eyes and I shall certainly be putting in place your suggestions with my young daughter.
A very big Thank you.

e-safety online course

My daughters school had arranged this course for us parents/carers which has come at a good time as recently some online chats have been concerning which were reported to school.
I found the course informative and delivered clearly tonight, it highlighted some areas I was not aware of which I look into more on your website.
My daughter in year 6 came out of school today positively talking of you visiting, thank you!

Thank you

Tonight’s session was really informative and scary! Thank you. I will defiantly be looking through your website and looking out for other webinars. Thank you

This was really informative and

This was really informative and would like the Palmer Catholic School to invite you in. Being a Foster parent I feel young people, I have dealt with are very naive when active online and are easily trapped by pear on pear as you have pointed out.

So informative and a real eye opener!

Informally, but so engagingly delivered. I thought I had a good grasp of the online world but my eyes were totally opened this evening. Thank you for all the hard work!