Apple screen time settings and information.

See Internet Matters new screen time age guides and see their top tips to help children get the best out of their screen time and get tips on how to adopt a healthy digital diet.

Childnet Screen time boundaries. This advice explores the issue of screen time and gives some top tips for you to use with your family.

Balancing screentime. Find simple tips to help children develop healthy online habits and a good digital diet to help them thrive on and offline.

Guidance for parents and carers looking at screen time.

Screen Time and Healthy Balance Quick Activities

When it comes to children and technology, one question often prevails: How much screen time should children have? This resource is a collection of quick activities designed for use with 7-11 year olds (but easily adapted to other ages) to help them recognise the signs they may experience when they've been online too long and the importance of balancing online and offline activities.

Skill-building apps for kids

Although many parents worry about the impacts of screentime, there are things you can do to help children experience more benefits from being online. Help them develop skills online to counter endless scrolling and other passive screen time.