Online bullying can make young people feel alone, isolated and like there is no escape from it, but there are things that can be done to help and places they can go for help. In this blog Childnet look at the things that parents and carers can do to support a young person who has experienced cyberbullying.


To help you support your child on this issue Internet Matters have created a hub of advice to prepare them for what they might encounter online and given practical ways to tackle cyberbullying should it happen.


Find out more about how to tackle hate online and online trolls with our useful advice guide, what online hate is and to how to support your child.


Advice for parents and carers to help keep children safe from bullying, wherever it happens.


Parent Zone founder and CEO Vicki Shotbolt offers advice and support for parents concerned about shocking recent reports of sexual abuse in secondary and higher education.


Online gaming is an exciting and engaging experience for children and young people – but it can also create a platform for players to criticise, insult or even bully others.

So how can you help your child enjoy online gaming, while making sure they – and you – know how to respond to bullying behaviour?