Child Online Exploitation

Sexting, nudes, dick-pics, or ‘self-generated’ child sexual abuse material has been the subject of research that the PIER, have just finished on behalf of the IWF.

Find out tips on how to keep your child safe online.







How to protect children from online sexual harm.





Sexually coerced extortion or ‘sextortion' is a type of blackmail where someone tries to use intimate, naked or sexual photos or videos of you to make you do things you don't want to do. Find out more here.


Explore the details of grooming and discover ways to ensure your child's safety.





Learn about the issue of sextortion and how it might impact your child or teen. Get advice on keeping them safe.






Meta has introduced new tools under testing to safeguard young individuals and adults from intimate image misuse. These enhanced features aim to prevent individuals from falling victim to sextortion scams, offer additional protections in direct messages, and provide guidance to support services and reporting channels for those impacted







County lines is a form of criminal exploitation. It is when criminals befriend children, either online or offline, and then manipulate them into drug dealing. The 'lines' refer to mobile phones that are used to control a young person who is delivering drugs, often to towns outside their home county.